Corporate Crunch

No time for a workout?

At an opportune time, before, during or after work, I will come on-site to your place of business to teach a corporate sponsored (or individual group of co-workers) yoga session.  Clear the mind, revitalize the body and increase productivity with yoga.  Each class will focus on the needs of the attending students.

Think a mid-day workout doesn’t fit into your daily plan?

Consider this: Research from Stockholm University in Sweden found that employees were equally or more productive when they exercised for two and a half hours during the week than when they spent that time working. They had more motivation, performance was up, and there was better cooperation among colleagues.

According to author Thiele Schwarz PhD, physical activity improves the brain’s oxygen consumption which boosts concentration and increases energy. So increase production, and give your employees the gift of health with a mid-day yoga class.

A “Win-Win” for you and your employees.

Call me today at 517-439-9357 to talk about how we can offer this amazing benefit to your employees!